Pay It Forward “Stories”



We always like to hear any success stories that have occurred from connecting through this website. Please share with us and our readers and stories of caring and giving by posting in the response box below. Thank you



One thought on “Pay It Forward “Stories””

  1. My rock…
    I have a co-worker that at first we didn’t really say much to each other and there was always tension. We found out that other co-workers were gossiping and creating a wedge between us. This went on for months and one day she decides to call me and we get to talking and realize that what both of us heard was not true and that we became victims of gossip from others. We both lost our jobs there and I became depressed and didn’t leave the house. She called me almost everyday to tell me I needed to get up and start looking for jobs. She even gave me leads to call that she found and I have her to thank because we started off hating each other when we believe in gossip without finding out the truth can really turn into a big misunderstanding. Even now we no longer work together I am blessed to know that someone cares when I didn’t care even for myself. It gives me more motivation to be better and do something about my situation instead of letting it swallow me up. Thank you Gail….you are truly a good egg.


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