Rant and Rave


Tell  everyone how your really feel about things in your community, work, neighbor next door, world events, or just blow off steam in general.


3 thoughts on “Rant and Rave”

  1. Ok so this isn’t the best rant or rave however; the giant pot hole that is on the corner of what use to be Tru Nighclub and across from Kilroy’s Bar in Broad Ripple, needs to be fixed. It has been there for years and every car that pulls out of that drive bottoms out and I’m sure tears the bottom of their car up. I have seen car after car do this. So my question, is it the counties responsibility or the building owner to take care of this? Its almost 2.5 feet deep. I’m sure some of you readers out there have experienced this pot hole. I’m almost willing to get a bunch of dirt and fill it in myself, who’s with me?


  2. I was downtown Indianapolis the other day and parked my car in a parking lot in which I paid the lot attendant 10 dollars to park there. When I came out from the concert he was gone and my car was towed. I had to pay $175.00 to get it out. When I inquired with the lot owner about it he said they don’t even have a lot attendant and that I had been scammed. Good news is the lot owner to pay form my tow.. But beware out there when paying for parking downtown make sure they guy is real usually they have a vest on or something and a parkng pass or ticket to put in your window. This guy didn’t have either lesson learned.


  3. The Pot Holes in iur edition have consumed the main drive. My daughter blew belts on both left tires. Had them replaced, then found out you could contact the Mayors Action Center and report it, filing a Tort Claim. If they don’t have them fixed in seven days, they pay the claim if justified. Either way, I win!!

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