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Meet our resident culinary expert Chefski. Ask about recipes, food paring ideas, and all things food or culinary. Post your question below in the response box and let Chefski  go to work. 

Bio:  “Chefski is the owner operator of Your Personal Chefski. A personal chef business in the central Indiana area. Specializing in exclusive in home dining, cooking classes and weekly meal services. Having honed his skills in over a dozen restaurants, country clubs, and private dining facilities. Chefski brings to the table an abundance of food and culinary knowledge.”  

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10 thoughts on “Ask “Chefski” Anything”

  1. So I have a question, I’m hosting a holiday party would like some ideas on unique dishes I can prepare that would really make it stand out. Any ideas?


    1. Julie
      I have alot of great holiday party ideas. Some of my go to recipes are…
      Truffled stuffed mushrooms
      Lamb Chop Lollipops
      Endive w Blue cheese mousse

      Butternut Squash Soup

      And a real crowd pleaser … Creme Brulee

      I hope this helps



  2. Chefski, Those all sound amazing! But for my skill set I think the Truffled stuffed mushrooms would work. Can you tell me more about these and whats the best way to fix them. Sorry I don’t want to take to much of your time.


    1. Julie

      The mushrooms are easy and exquisite.

      Button mushrooms 20 or more
      garlic 3 cloves or more
      cream cheese 1pkg
      bread crumb 6oz
      mozzarella cheese 4oz
      fresh thyme few sprigs
      salt pepper to taste
      truffle Oil drizzle

      Destem the mushrooms and grind in a food processor with the garlic. Sauté the mixture in a little olive oil. Add cream cheese until soft
      put mixture into a bowl add the rest of the ingredients. one key step is to bake the mushrooms un stuffed. Until they release some moisture. You can add that liquid to your stuffing. Add a good amount of mixture into each cap. Bake at 355 for about 15 min until caps are brown.
      Enjoy 🙂


    1. The best way to sear a steak is high heat and don’t move it. Let it form a crust. And depending on your doneness flip and repeat. As for a marinade. Soy sauce. Vinegars. Herbs. Garlic. Some store bought dressings. I love using “rubs”. Its a more intense flavor and you don’t have to let it marinate for a long period of time.
      Hopefully this helps


      1. Can you be a little not specific on the marinade? We are about to make a steak tonight and would like to try your marinade 🙂


  3. Typically marinades sit for at least an hour or so or overnight. I like to use soy. garlic. Red wine vinegar. Ground pepper. Dry thyme. You should have most of these goodies.


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