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Jacks Von Liria

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Meet our resident Hair/Makeup  Artist  Jacks Von Liria.  Ask Jacks about hair or makeup ideas, concepts, trending makeup and hair fashion, or about Jacks own product line. There isn’t much that Jacks can’t answer so ask your questions in the response box below and let him go to work.

Bio: I (Jacks Von Liria) was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1976.  Very early in my life I knew that I wanted a career in the makeup industry.  My first professional exposure to the industry occurred in 1998 while working at a dance club in Ibiza, Spain. I had the opportunity to work with several incredible makeup artists and fashion designers while supporting a performance group called LOS MONSTRUOS DE IBIZA. Through this experience I worked with amazing techniques, makeups and body paintings which created beauty and artistic illusions which can only be described as WOW.   At that point, I knew that I was hooked.

I enrolled in the Stick Art Studio academy, (Makeup Forever) in Barcelona in 1999, under the mentorship of Corinne Perez.  Following graduation, I worked as an intern on several movie films, and television networks.  I had many opportunities to travel around the world and work with some of the big names in the industry, Jorge De La Grarza, MAC Cosmetics, John Galliano  and Dior, etc..

 In 2009, after 10 years of hard work, I moved to USA to follow my dream of creating a new and fresh style of makeup.  As a result, I was able to develop a system to help others to understand the basic rules of makeup application whiling emphasizing the techniques needed to transform a face to the limits of its potential.   My knowledge and skills are here for you to take.”

“Talent is a matter of emphasis.”

Jacks Von Liria                                                                       



13 thoughts on “Ask Hair & Makeup Artist “Jacks Von Liria” Anything”

  1. I’ve been doing some internet researching contouring recently, but everything I’ve read seems like it would look clownish for anything other than a photoshoot. Is there a way to contour for day to day wear/for a night out? I’d like to slim my face and emphasize my eyes, but I just can’t figure it out so far! haha



    1. Hello Sarah :

      Contouring is all about bone structure and color, you can use 2 colors: a lighter and a darker color (usually not very different from your skin tone if you want to look natural), and remember 2 simple tips: the dark color will make the area go deep, and the lighter color will expand the area.
      You can use for the dark color a caramel matte eyeshadow or a matte bronze powder.For a lighter color you can use also a matte eyeshadow one or 2 shades lighter than your skin color.
      You need to apply the dark color at the areas you want to slim.and the lighter color at the light spots of your face witch are:
      *Center of the forehead
      *The center line of your nose
      As i always say, makeup is very personal and rules can be changed depends on the person we are working on. For example, to make your face slim, use the dark color right under your cheeks, at the beginning of your jaws and a little bit just right under your jaw. Dark color will make a “shadow effect” and will make your face look a little larger.

      Jacks Von Liria.


  2. Jacks,

    Since I have a pale complexion and I’m not into tanning or any chemical applications (bronzers, etc.) what would be a good way to add color?

    Also, how do you approach mild acne scarring to help the skin look smoother with make up application?



    1. Hello Julian:

      About your first question: Makeup is a chemical product, they have better products or worst, but they are all chemical. Said that, instead of using a cream bronzer or spray tan, you could use a bronze powder. MAC cosmetics has a Matte bronze perfect for men, very natural, and also very gentle with your skin. Sometimes we are afraid of staining our shirts, that’s why i would not recommend you to add around your neck.
      Powder Bronze will complement your natural color, without being so obvious.
      You can find this product at MAC, or you can use one from Make up Forever, available at Sephora.
      Just make sure is Matte (some bronzers have some gold shimmer).

      About your second question: There is one product on the market to help reduce the redness caused by acne. Is call Touche Eclat and its from Yves Saint Laurent.
      This product will help you to cover the color , but not the volume. If you really want to get rid of your acne scarring, i would recommend to talk to your dermatologist about a chemical peeling.

      Jacks Von Liria


  3. This might be a silly question. But I am asian and I have somewhat dark skin and always use blue eye shadow. I recently was told that I need to update my make up colors. Can you tell me what are some good fall or winter colors that would look good on asian skin? 🙂 Thanks


    1. Hello Lisa!

      Bronzes, copper or dark gold will enhance your skin and eyes. Try to use one of those colors, and add black eyeliner and Lashes. You will see the difference!!


    1. Yes, Stephanie, makeup can cover the color, but not the volume. Some products like Studio Tech from MAC has a lot of coverage and help on a female skin. If you are used to wear foundation, i would recommend you to use that one, and also an illuminate concealer like the same Touch Eclat.
      The difference between Julian and you, is that him wearing a full coverage foundation will not look natural, but you can totally do that.

      Of course if you are using foundation, add some eyeshadow and blush to give volume to your face.



  4. Do men use any sort of make up for cover up without loosing the manly acpect? Im just curious because I have so scars from when I was younger and had bad acne.



    1. The secret is always not to over apply product. Less is more, specially with men skincare.
      selecting a concealer with medium coverage will be the best for you, it has to be THE SAME COLOR of your skin.
      Usually the problem is right there…concealers too clear make it obvious. if you are using a concealer the same color of your skin, the result will be way more natural and not visible to other people.


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