Mayor Of Broad Ripple Contest

Monday, February 17, 2014

To: Interested Parties

From: J. Daniel Samons

Subject: Mayor of Broad Ripple Competition / Looking for Bars to participate ASAP.

This letter is in reference to our conversation about the proposed competition “Mayor of Broad Ripple.” As we all know the local businesses have been seeing few sales over the past several months. In efforts to help bring some new faces and fresh content into the area I propose setting-up the “Mayor of Broad Ripple” competition.

As many of us have heard over the years certain people referred to as the Mayor of Broad Ripple due in part to his or her constant visits to the nightlife establishments, I say we play off of that in order to bring in business. In years past it’s been a funny term that floats around from bar to bar and individual to individual. I propose that we finally put a face to the name.  Here is how it would work:

We would advertise the Mayor of Broad Ripple competition in which anyone can submit a name and a reason as to why they are nominating somebody to be the Mayor. After tallying all the entries we would then narrow it down to two candidates in which a debate would be held on stage somewhere for example, the Vogue stage. A moderator would be directing the questions just like a real Presidential debate however; these will be silly questions and made for entertainment. An example of some silly questions might be (you see two drunk girls coming out of the Alley Cat at 3:30 am and you hear one say she is hungry what do you do?) The Crowd through applause after the questions have all been asked will decide the Mayor of Broad Ripple. The Mayor of Broad Ripple will then receive a key to the village and a certificate framed. A portion of all proceeds would go toward a non-profit organization at the end of each year.

This would be an annual competition in which the current Mayor would relinquish his or her title to the new Mayor of Broad Ripple who will claim the title for the next year.

Throughout the year as Mayor (I suggest every other month) the Current Mayor would hold a press conference at one of the bars in Broad Ripple. This press conference would consist of some sort of drink or food specials and live entertainment (Special Guest DJ, Band, etc.). The Mayor would be present at all these events. This would bring business to several of the bars wanting to participate in the Election and the Press Confrences throughout the year as well as bring a following and some fun back to Broad Ripple. There is lots of marketing ideas to make money as well such as t-shirts, campaign stickers, and other fun merchandise. This will also give a following and a buzz around town about you the real Mayor is. I can see this being an ongoing thing where people will brag that they were once the Mayor of Broad Ripple and have the framed certificate and key to the village to prove it.

We are looking for local Broad Ripple Bars to help organize and host the competition and press conferences that would be held through-out the year. Please contact me ASAP to get started. I would like to have the first meeting of participants before March.

J. Daniel Samons

CEO/ Sales Director

Ripple Effect Social Magazine



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