Ask A Skincare Expert Anything

Meet Maria Torres our resident skincare expert. Maria has over 15 years experience helping both men and women with their skincare needs. She attended A Cut Above Beauty College and obtained several certifications in permanent makeup, laser hair removal, IPL, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. Maria specialized in ethnic skin and medical aesthetics and perfected intense pulsed light for removal of brown spots or reduction of redness from broken capillaries on the face. Maria Torres is ready to assist you with your inquires so ask away!


4 thoughts on “Ask A Skincare Expert Anything”

    1. Hello Obie,

      So let me make sure I understand you correctly, You only seem to have the dark circles lately because of lack of sleep? Otherwise you do not have them? Well I think it’s time to make time to get to bed early. If you are having a problem FALLING ASLEEP…try using eye pads to sleep with to block out light so your body is well rested. But in the meantime…
      try placing a damp/cool tea bag underneath each eye for a few minutes. Any type of tea bag will do. The tannic acid in the tea leaves help shrink some of the blood vessels so your eyes do not appear darker underneath.
      A product called TEAMINE is a eyecream that helps. It has grape seed oil/vitamin E and K/Arnica/green Tea/ and caffeine. It is one the best selling eyecreams that my patients love for dark circles. You must use it twice/daily.

      You can purchase this online or though a doctor’s office that sells medical skincare products. Ultimately you want to drink plenty of water everyday, do things to de-stress (like meditation), eat fresh vegetables and fruit, and get some good ol’ rest to help.


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