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Meet Derrick Manor our resident IT and Web design specialist. Feel free to ask Derrick “Anything” about his profession and get the straight and helpful answers. Go ahead give it a try, enter your comment or question below. 

“Derrick Manor is the owner of Webcore Interactive, a web development and internet marketing company located on the north side of Indianapolis. Founded in 2007 and serving international and national clients, Webcore Interactive specializes in all areas of web development and internet marketing such as design, e-commerce, brand management, social media marketing, mobile development, custom apps, hosting, video production, consulting, and much more. If it’s on the web…they do it. Webcore Interactive is the only web company you will ever need.” 

6 thoughts on “Ask IT and Web Specialist (Derrick Manor) Anything”

  1. There are no stupid questions however; that question might be better suited for ask a zoologist anything which we don’t currently have.


  2. Hi Derrick, I was curious about building a website for myself and didn’t know the major difference between and and do you have to download something on your computer to work with


    1. Hi Jason,
      Great question. offers you a blog hosted on their platform. It’s easy to setup and requires no download. You simply name your blog, login, and configure it to suit your needs. Although a great solution, it is very limiting. You won’t be able to use a custom domain or install many custom plugins. You also do not have access to the actual code. allows you to download your own installation package and install it on your own hosting account. Although more complex to setup, once done you will have complete control of your site such as a custom domain, custom plugins, etc.. Basically no limits except for those imposed by your hosting provider. If you chose this route I highly recommend hiring a professional that specializes in WordPress. I also do not recommend using cheap shared hosting with this option. We actually specialize in everything WordPress and have our own servers specifically configured for WordPress.
      Hope this answers your question.


  3. Derrick, I’m designing a web site and using Photoshop adobe cs4 to edit and prepare pics for the web pages. I keep getting lines of a box that surrounds each picture. I deleting the background of the pics before posting on the webpage, I’m sending you a link to the site I;m working on. It there a way to eliminate the faint lines that are of the picture box? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Jim Samons


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