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Meet Veronica Bennett our resident male and female consultant. OK men and women this is your chance to ask a girl anything and get a true unbiased answer back. Ask about relationships , sex, movies, gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend, or anything else your mind can conjure up. Feel free to offer some advice on other posts as well, after all this is a social magazine. Please enter your questions in the response box below.


7 thoughts on “Ask A Girl Anything”

  1. Although most women have different opinions in what they find attractive in men, I believe the majority of women have standards, or key attributes in what they look for in a lifelong partner. These key attributes being – integrity, ambition, and loyalty.
    Integrity breeds moral aptitude, confidence, and respectability. Ambition proves the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve success, and ultimately having what it takes to be a provider. Loyalty means not only being loyal to oneself, but also to the commitments and relationships one has made, whether it being with a significant other, family, or friends. You can imagine how much can be encompassed in these attributes, whether it’s the small but yet thoughtful motives, or grand and adventurous gestures.
    Regardless… women want to be loved, appreciated, and respected – Hope this helps!

    -Veronica B


  2. Hello Veronica, Is there away that you will know when it’s time to leave a relationship even if you love the person? Are there signs that they don’t love you as much as you do them or that they may be cheating?


    1. Bryan –

      It’s important to know that it is possible to love someone but not be IN love with someone. As humans we naturally tend to attach ourselves emotionally to someone who we’ve shared deep feelings, experiences, and physicality with. It’s possible to become complacent and solely love the IDEA of someone just because we are comfortable. If you are looking for a lifelong partner you have to step back and think, is this person someone who I can see myself starting a family with? Can I fully love and accept this person in light of their faults and/or decisions they’ve made? Does this person treat you with loyalty and respect? Does this person challenge you to be a better person ? There is more to a relationship than just the physicality because we all know looks fade. Regardless, if you are having second thoughts about your current relationship I would recommend communicating these concerns with your partner…as communication is key in a successful and committed relationship! Sometimes is takes time a part to realize your true feelings for’s also important to love yourself before you can love anyone else!

      If you find yourself thinking that you may love that person more than they love you, challenge them. Test their capabilities and you will come to find what they are made of. It’s easy to pick up on signs of infidelity. If you find them making excuses to not be around you and your family, not being able to look you in the eye, or simply guarding or hiding their phone, this could be all the signs you need to know something is going on behind the scenes. Use your intuition and know that what’s held in a secrete place will eventually come to surface.

      -Veronica B


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