Battle of the “Breastuarants” Twin Peaks Coming To Indy

By Daniel Samons ~ Ripple Effect Social Magazine

First there was Hooters and they kept our attention for many many years dressed in orange shorts and skimpy white shirts, then came Tilted Kilt to capitalize on the “Breasturant” business, now Twin Peaks joins the show, so whats different? Well how about women scantly clad in lumberjack outfits?


Yes that’s right lovely ladies dressed in skimpy lumberjack outfits with short shorts. Even their menu makes sure to capitalize on breasts with deserts that keep them on your mind and other items.

They are opening Twin Peaks in the old Loon Lake Lodge off of 82nd street and hwy 69. Plans are to have it opened before summer. Ripple Effect will keep you posted. Look out Hooters and Titled Kilt there is a new “Breasturant” in town.

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