Review: One More Time Daft Punk Tribute at the Vogue

By Ripple Effect Social Magazine


The Vogue in Broad Ripple hosted One More Time A Daft Punk Tribute last weekend. The real Daft Punk hasn’t been touring lately which gives way for this electronic tribute band to cash in on the Daft Punk success and provide fans the next best thing to seeing the real deal.

They’ve been doing the Daft Punk tribute thing for years, even winning the award for “Best Electronica Tribute Act” under their old name Daft Punk’d. That said, like many of you, we at Ripple Effect wondered if they would be worth seeing or leave you somewhat empty and still wanting to see the real Daft Punk.

To be honest, it’s a lot like seeing any other tribute act. One More Time does a lot of things exceptionally well, the biggest thing being that they dress and look the part. If you go to see a Daft Punk tribute, you want to see two people dressed up like robots playing dance music, and dance-music-playing robots is what the crowd got. The regular versions of the outfits they wear for the bulk of the show are nice, but the Tron-inspired versions that they wear for the encore are damn near jaw-dropping.

As for the music, it was what you might expect from an
Alive 2007-styled performance; among other things, the show started off with “Robot Rock” and contained a version of the “Around The World”/”Harder Better Faster Stronger” mashup. Along the way, the group played some of their own takes on the tracks, and ended the night with “One More Time” which brought down the house.In addition to the outfits, the duo plays inside a replica of the Alive 2007 pyramid. It’s not quite as fancy as the original, but it gets the job done and is visually interesting. If you’re going to do a Daft Punk tribute, you have to play inside a pyramid — that’s the rules.

That said, trying to fit the show into a binary question like “Was it good?” just seems silly. “Was it satisfying?” seems much more appropriate, and if all you were looking for was to hear some Daft Punk tracks on a really loud sound system and have some interesting visuals to look at, then you probably went home more than happy.

I found the overall sound system to be a little quite on the decimal scale. I would have preferred that driving base and beat a lot louder as to feel it in my chest and give me no other reaction but to dance. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case however; the overall song choices, electronic visuals, outfits, and crowd excitement made-up for it.

Ripple Effect Social Magazine would like to thank The Vogue for the show. Please check out other upcoming shows at The Vogue in Broad Ripple:


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