The Official Mayor of Broad Ripple Contest

1st Annual Mayor of Broad Ripple Contest

As many of us have heard over the years certain people referred to as the Mayor of Broad Ripple due in part to his or her constant visits to the nightlife establishments in Broad Ripple and always being on the scene regardless of their age. Some are self-proclaimed and others labeled the title by friends. So Ripple Effect is teaming up with local Broad Ripple Bars and Restaurants to find the Official Mayor of Broad Ripple. Keep reading to find out how to nominate someone.

What to expect if you are elected the Mayor? 

Once a Mayor as been elected by the people (crowd applause at future identified establishment on election night). He or She will be awarded a key and plaque to the city of Broad Ripple to boast about for years to come and will be responsible for attending Press Conferences through-out the year (food and drink specials with live entertainment, VIP bottle service and much more) and overall keeping Broad Ripple a fun, safe, and rewarding night life hot spot.

How do you enter to win?

just nominate somebody by emailing and tell us why this person should be the Mayor. Perhaps a funny story or just the fact that they have been on the Broad Ripple Scene for 20 years.

Once we get the two finalist narrowed down Ripple Effect Social Magazine will hold an open debate night at a local Broad Ripple establishment to be named in the future and both candidates will answer crowd and moderator questions. The crowed after hearing all questions, will then by applause pic their first Official Mayor of Broad Ripple.

** You must be 21 and over to enter this contest** 
** Sponsors, locations, and additional prizes to the winner will be announced in the future** 
** All nominated submissions must be emailed by May 31st and the two finalist will be chosen to  campaign. The election will be held middle of June 2014**
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2 thoughts on “The Official Mayor of Broad Ripple Contest”

  1. It will always be Mark Fox. Sure you can name a new one for fun but it’s not the real deal. Kinda like Journey without Steve Perry, Van Halen without David Lee Roth, or a Broad Ripple filled with thugs. Just not the same.


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