Boston Hospital Kidnaps 15 Year Old Daughter From Parents

Justina has been kept in Boston Children’s Hospital against her parents’ will since February 2013. The medical facility took custody of her when her parents argued against their daughter’s diagnosis.

Justina was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease a few years ago and was able to live a normal life. Her older sister also has the disease. In February, she got the flu and was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital to see a specialist. It was at that time the problems began. A new team of doctors took over Pelletier’s case and immediately questioned her previous diagnosis. They re-diagnosed her with ‘somatoform disorder’ – a mental illness. Her parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier, refused to sign off on this new diagnosis, and they were ultimately dragged out of the hospital by security and forbidden from bringing their daughter home. out. Within four days, they lost custody of Justina.

Justina has only been able to see her parents during one-hour weekly supervised visits. After hoping to have their daughter home for Christmas, the court ruled the hospital should continue to retain custody on December 20. In the latest development, the Pelletiers have appealed to the state for custody, alleging “abuse of power.” The court heard the case in January and again on February 4 but postponed its decision until February 13. Last Thursday, the decision was once again postponed. Justina is now being held at what is supposed to be a temporary treatment facility, Wayside Youth & Family Support Network in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Because juvenile court records are confidential, the judge placed a gag order on all involved in the appeal. Justina’s parents, doctors, and caregivers have been unable to talk about the case. 13 months after this ordeal began, Justina’s family has had enough.

The father as recently broke the gag order when he appeared on Glenn Becks’s The Blaze in order to tell his daughters story and create public awareness in hopes to save his daughters life who is currently deteriorating quickly.

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