What Women Really Mean

By AshleyL

Guys, I know you have been puzzled by the opposite sex and by no means do we make it easy for you. We say one thing, we mean another. We rarely ever say just what we mean. We only expect you to read our minds, what’s wrong with that?

Well, in case you’re not a mind reader, here is a little help for you on your journey to understanding women. First things first, if you think you understand what we mean when we say certain phrases, you probably don’t. If you think we mean one thing, we usually mean another. Here are six great examples for you.

When a girl says:

1. I’m fine:

Dealing With Controlling WomenGuys this is a red flag for you. If a girl responds to one of your questions, with an “I’m fine”, I can almost guarantee you she is not. If we say this, we are more than likely pissed at you for something you probably don’t even know you did. WE ARE NOT FINE and you better be careful. This typically means we are unhappy and looking to beat your ass. Okay, well maybe not this severe, but really, you still need to watch out. Your best bet is to try and talk it out with us until we crack and tell you what’s on our mind. Otherwise, we will go to bed angry and wake up angry the next morning.

“Whatever you do, do NOT leave us alone. Keep this in mind. We’re just weird like that.”

2. Leave me alone:

shutterstock_Confused_manNow this one is tricky, because when we tell someone to leave us alone, nine times out of ten, we want you to do the opposite. Why do we do this? Hell, I don’t know, we’re women, we’re just weird like that. Whatever you do, do not leave us alone. Again, this probably means something is wrong and we either need to talk it out with you or need your comfort. Leave me alone means, please don’t leave me alone. Keep this in mind.

3. I like you:

While this sounds like an easy statement to comprehend, it really interprets to I’m still feeling you out. I would say, for me anyway, saying I like you doesn’t mean I’m ready for a commitment, it means I still need to get to know you better. Good thing here is you’re on our good side and we’re thinking of giving you a chance. We like you as a person and are trying to figure out if we like you as more. If you hear this phrase, you should give yourself a pat on the back.

4. Will you do this for me:

Guys, just because this is phrased like a question, do not be deceived. We are not offering you an option here. When we ask you to do something for us, we mean you better do it, not you get a choice. Your best bet is to do what we ask to make us happy. I know this seems a little crazy, but like I said before, we’re women, sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to the madness. If you choose not to do something we ask you for, please refer back to #1.

5. I’m not ready for a commitment:

Guys, we’re women; we are always ready for commitment, unless we fall into the rare breed that aren’t interested in getting married and having children. If we say this, you can read it as we are not ready to commit to YOU. There is something we are still trying to figure out about you and that is keeping us from wanting to commit. Don’t give up hope though; you can change our minds on this one with some time.

Gogus olculeri

6. I think you’re adorable:

Guys, this is your kiss of death. Saying we think you’re adorable means we think of you as just a friend. Accept the inevitable; it’s not going to work out. We are thinking of you like our brother and Lord knows we don’t want to have a relationship with our brother, well unless we fall into that odd category again. It’s very hard to get out of this category but with the right amount of effort you could be one of the lucky ones.

Hopefully you find this information useful in understanding your women. I know it’s hard but understanding what we mean when we say certain things can be a big payoff in the end. Being able to understand what we are looking for will only make us love you more. Not to mention, knowing all this information will make you more marketable in the dating scene. It’s rare to find a guy who just gets it. Good luck guys!

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