Top 20 Creative ways to show your love

Show How Much You Care

From busy schedules to jaded pasts, sometimes it’s hard to show your love. When you’re knee-deep in a relationship, you and your partner can become so comfortable, you’ll forget how to show how much you care. Yeah, you might say a quick, “I love you,” on the way out, but it’s become such a routine its true meaning is diminishing. Before you and your partner become bitter at the not-so-thoughtful gestures of love (as in, just saying the words, but not showing it), it’s time to get creative. Not sure how? Read on.

1. Make his favorite meal.

Whether it’s meat and potatoes or spaghetti and meatballs, before your guy comes home from work, prepare his favorite meal for no reason.

2. Give him love coupons.

You can get them at your local Barnes & Noble for less than $15. From free love-making sessions to granted fantasies, your baby will know how much you love him.

romantic-din3. Text him sweet nothings during work days.

During a hard day in the office, it’s always nice to see your significant other is thinking of you. When his phone buzzes and he reads, “I miss you,” he’ll know you’re his.

4. Just tell him you love him.

As easy as it is, some couples forget the importance of loving statements. Men aren’t the most complicated of creatures. Just come out and say what you feel and that should suffice.

5. Buy him a hot new gadget.

Let’s face it, most men get excited about fancy, shiny new gadgets. Get your man the new iPhone or the hottest plasma TV on the market if your budget will allow it. He’ll know how much you mean to him because you gave him this uber thoughtful present.

6. Make yourself pretty for him.

Get your nails done, your hair blown out and do your makeup up nice before your next date. Some women tend to let themselves go after being committed to the man of their dreams. Make yourself sexy so he’ll know how much you want him.

7. Go out of your way.

Suggest an outing that you know he’s been dying to do that you’ve been so-so about. Making that type of sacrifice and doing something you weren’t 100 percent about before will show him how much you love him.

8. Compliment him on his hair.

Just because they’re men, doesn’t mean they don’t care about their hair. Male pattern baldness is something that many men worry about. Not to mention, some guys can be insecure about their looks. A compliment about his hair will go a long way.

makeover9. Give him a big hug when you see him next.

Sure, you kiss him all the time, but when was the last time you gave your guy a big bear hug (you know, like the kind that lasts more than ten seconds and that involves a good squeeze?). He’ll feel as warm as the hug in no time.

10. Make him breakfast in bed.

Wake up a little earlier than your beau and prepare him eggs the way he likes it, toast and a glass of orange juice. Bring it to him in bed and let him relax before he has to get up and face the rest of the day. He’ll feel the warm fuzzies all day because of your sweet gesture.

11. Let him pick the pizza toppings next time you order.

You and your lover may have plenty in common, but pizza toppings is not one of them. In fact, whenever you order, it results in an argument of who wants what. Rather than getting two pies, let him win once in awhile. If you really can’t consume his picks, just pick them off. Hopefully, next time, he’ll let you choose.


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