2014 Lexus IS250 Start Up and Review 2.5 L V6

By Ripple Effect Social Magazine


If you like Luxury with all the bells and whistles then you will need to check out the latest model of the Lexus IS250 2014. It received  a new total body makeover inside and out. I am very familiar with the older models so I had to get use to the mouse type toggling instead of the touch screen.

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I actually liked it once I got used to it. The drive and the car seems more solid and much sportier. I noticed seats hug you more more like bucket seats. I was even  amazed at the heated steering wheel that has been added to the new model!

I had a few dislikes. I loved that now instead of 1 cup holder, you get 2

8939_st0640_066but the position of the holders make it an odd position when reaching for your drink.

Also it does not have an area that I can lay my phone down flat as I charge it. I like to see the face of the phone for calls/emails/texts as they come in so unless I put the phone in the cup holder or the dash on top there really is no space to lay it flat.images (8)

The video is very informative and shows all the extras and comparable models. Lexus has always been a company that has paid attention to detail inside and out.

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