Employees at Detour American Grille Shocked To Find It Closed Today

By J. Daniel Samons ~ Ripple Effect Social Magazine

Employees at Detour American Grille were shocked today to find their employer closed its Keystone Crossing location overnight. There is a lot of speculation as to why it failed in that location despite the great food and atmosphere. Some say management, the lack of marketing, or lack of funding was the downfall. This Detour location has definitely seen its turnover in employees and management since its grand opening.

detourLogoThe last night for Detour American Grille at Keystone Crossing was one of their busiest nights with Randolph and Winchester playing to a packed house. The patrons were lively, conversation was flowing, and the live music set the mood. Customers were happy and commenting how they would return for the next live music event. So why did it close overnight? Perhaps the last event and the way in which they marketed it came a little too late and should have been done from the beginning.

Detour American Grille at Geist is still open and operating however; with three other locations already closed in the past year you have to ask, will the Geist location be next? So what now for this former LuLu’s nightclub and now Detour American Grille location? Ripple Effect Social Magazine has heard that this location might be the future home of a swanky tapas lounge complete with couches, a social atmosphere, and chill music. We will keep you posted as this evolves.


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