Most wrinkle creams have extra hydrating properties and plumps out the skin. If you do not realize your skin is dry,  using a hydrating cream will make wrinkles look less apparent. Expensive creams have little “ACTIVE INGREDIENTS” to turn back time so do not buy into the hype. You are paying for their marketing and fancy packaging.

wrinkleMost of us will say our skin type is the same since we were young. Actually your skin will produce less oil as you age. Caucasian skin has the least amount of oil glands and will tend to age much faster. Ethnic skin tends to look more youthful due to more oil glands. If you are not using an appropriate type of moisturizer then you can make your skin more dry or more oily.

before_after_eyes_b_kate_bActive ingredients and the amount in which the product is comprised of will be an indication of how well the product will show a visible difference in your skin. RETINOL a form of Vitamin A. It is a topical that was approved for acne in 1971.   Much stronger strengths will require a prescription but lower doses, if used correctly will cause sloughing of dead upper layers of the skin and will smooth out fine lines and make deeper lines softer.

The removal of dead skin will unclog pores and reduces to the amount of clogged pores to prevent and clear acne.  Overall appearance of skin will

w303427_1_lgsmoother. Look for ingredients on the back of the box. The highest concentration of ingredients will be listed first to the weakest.  The higher the concentration can yield faster and better results but must be consulted with a skincare specialist. Abuse and overuse of this can cause irritated, raw, and extremely dry skin. This product must not be used within 48 hours of intense sun exposure. You will put yourself at risk for an extreme sunburn. Your skin is extra sensitive to direct intense sun. Evening application is recommended. The best retinol skin creams can be found in a medical office that offers medical skin treatments. It is my advice for you to seek out a full consultation of an experienced medical skincare person or esthetician to advise you on what products to use.

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