DO317 Lounge Gracing Fountain Square and Murphy Art Center

By: J. Daniel Samons ~ Ripple Effect Social Magazine

Do317 Lounge is located in the heart of Fountain Square’s art district and rightfully so, with its list of artsy, contemporary, jam band, hip hop, dub-step, list of musically fused artists that grace the stage.

Do317 Lounge is on the second floor of the Murphy Art Center that G.C. Murphy Company operated its retail department store as early as the 1950’s. Once G.C Murphy’s closed its store the building remained primarily empty. Now as Fountain Square explodes with diversity, nightlife, hipsters, artisans, and those seeking non-franchised dinning experiences, the DO317 Lounge helps cultivate the new found Indianapolis Art District and Murphy Art Center with live music from up and coming bands both local and touring.

As you approach the entrance from outside you see the door plastered with posters and flyers showcasing upcoming events and art gallery showings. Upon entering the building you get the feeling of yesteryear incased in new potential, this gets the anticipation of what you’re about to experience heightened and alert. You can’t help but think that as a struggling new artist or someone that has a following, this is the building that can showcase you’re talent the best, so it’s no wonder DO317 Lounge chose this location to showcase musical art.

The lounge has its own character inside with a relaxed non-pretentious setting for all music lovers to jam-out, drink a beer or sip wine, and socialize with other music lovers. The stage is a perfect size and positioned to give all patrons an up close and personal show. If you’re looking for something different to do in the city try the DO317 Lounge and surround yourself with nostalgia from days past while being entertained with days forward music and ambience.

Tickets for most events are reasonably priced and can be obtained from their website along with a list of upcoming shows. So get out and do something different, explore the new Fountain Square and DO317 Lounge. Tell them Ripple Effect sent you.

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