Road Construction, Snowy Roads, Take a Detour to Detour American Grille & Bar at Keystone Xing

By: J. Daniel Samons ~ Ripple Effect Social Magazine

No Detour needed to reach this destination place for great food, live music, sports, and social gathering. This official IU Basketball viewing location boasts a slew of drink and food specials for every game not to mention nine HD Televisions appropriately positioned for viewing. The 80 inch mammoth flat screen behind the bar makes you feel like you’re in the stands for every game.

Detour American Grille & Bar specializes in American fair. The menu (which capitalizes on road construction terms) consists of everything from Salads, Sandwiches, Wraps and Flats to amazing Burgers and Specialties like Fried Avocados or “Under Construction Nachos.” I personally suggest “The Detour Burger” (Qtr pound bacon cheese burger). I had mine without the bun and presented on a sizzling platter with a side of steak fries. This burger more than fills you up while leaving just enough room for desert. If the food doesn’t get your attention let’s talk about the full bar and official home of the “Mack Truck” cocktail where you’re sure to get your money’s worth for this punch flavored libation.

The friendly staff, fast service, and wiliness to make each and every customer feel special and appreciated will keep you coming back week after week. Detour also hosts several live bands that keep the nightlife hoping. Currently the Grille & Bar is all ages however; it’s mostly over 21 starting around 10 pm which provides for an actual live music venue and bar feel. After all you don’t want to down shots next to kids do you?


Not a Burger person or trying to stay away from Gluten? Detour has you covered there too. They have a menu featuring Gluten free options and vegetarian accommodations. Detour is an establishment for everyone and a place the Ripple Effect Social Magazine recommends for its readers. Stop in and tell them Ripple Effect sent you and get a special deal. Also visit their website at

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