Set Your Relationship Up Like A Business?

By: J. Daniel Samons ~ Ripple Effect Social Magazine

OK let’s not jump to conclusions from the title of this article. I’m not suggesting that you treat your significant other as cold as a business partner however; there are many things about businesses that we can most definitely adapt into our current relationships and any future ones.  

Now to be totally truthful, if you ask any of my friends they would tell you that I should not be writing this article because I have had several failed relationships in the past and I’m currently single, but let me explain why that is. For the past ten years I have denied what I knew was the right way to determine if you should be in a relationship with somebody and pretty much threw it out the window. I acted more on impulse, attraction, or even lust rather than sound business concepts for picking a partner. 2014 is a new year and a new way for all of us to redefine ourselves for the better. So here is my relationship tips based on business concepts.


Picking a Good Business Partner

Once we are past the initial attraction and casual dating portion of getting to know someone, then comes the question do we want to take the next step and enter into a committed relationship? If the answer is yes then some preliminary questions and thought should be given when deciding who to go into business with or who to get into a relationship with. There are certain things you want to know first, for example; what are their overall goals? Do they align with yours? What is their future vision say five years ahead and what is their immediate vision for the company/relationship? What will they need from you or the relationship/business to be comfortable and happy while building it? Perhaps their vision is only to have a boyfriend through the winter and have the summer single and yours is marriage.


How Will You Resolve Conflicts?

This is important for both business and relationships alike. Eric Basu contributor for Forbes Magazine states “Airing differences of opinion between business partners is a very healthy exercise, but only if managed correctly. Ground rules should be established at the outset as to how to address and resolve issues so that a decision on which direction to take can be made and embraced by all parties.” Some business partners have a mission statement and ground rules in writing as to how to handle conflicts, this can also be done for a relationship and could help determine differences that need to be addressed upfront. No matter what, the first argument is not the time to  establish these guidelines; they should be in place from the beginning. I’m not saying transcribe every little thing however; general communication guidelines when airing differences or frustration can help resolve it in a less angry manner and avoid break-ups over hiccups. Not every argument needs to be resolved immediately, it’s okay to table a situation and revisit it more than once in order to resolve it.

What Skills and Experience do They Bring to the table?

A good business partner should have skills that support and compliment your own. This obviously can be applied to any relationship; no single person is a master of all things. If you have great interpersonal skills but poor business finance skills, consider a partner who understands business accounting or personal finances. The more skills you and your partner bring to the business or relationship, the easier it will be to start, plan, grow, and run your business/relationship and the less struggles you will have doing so.


Trust and Credibility

Although this may seem like common sense to must people, you do not want to go into business or a relationship with somebody you don’t trust,  however it does occur. If you start with trust you want to keep it and therefore; it is each person’s responsibility to keep all communication lines open and everything ethical and above board. In others words do not give the other person a reason to question your actions or commitment to them. A great business partner or significant other can boost one another and help open doors that normally would be closed. But in the same manner they can destroy it. You and your business partner or significant other should always keep private conflicts private, not disclose harmful information to third parties, and always have respect for one another, while building your business or relationship. In laymen terms, you should always have their back.


Relationships that struggle could definitely benefit from some business concepts even if you’re already in one. It’s never too late to redefine the roles and change for the better. Make 2014 a great year for your relationship. And if you are not in one yet, then hold out until you find the person that fits into you’re outlook, goals, trust, and communication requirements like a good business partner should.

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