Two women fight over a tuna taco

By: Ripple Effect Associated Press

Dateline Fort Lauderdale Florida, two women while attending a food truck convention fight over a tuna taco almost to death says local authorities.


Tasheka Mann and Artisha Simon, were attending the 8th annual food truck convention in Fort Lauderdale last week were they decided to try Gators Taco Truck for its popular and self-boasted Tuna Taco. Truck owner Juan Martinez, said “the two ladies approached the truck seemingly in good spirits until one of the women ordered the tuna taco and that is when it all started.” Juan continued to explain that the smaller skinny black lady looked at the bigger black lady who had just ordered the tuna taco and said “you got your own tuna taco from what I hear; hell you could open your own tuna taco truck by putting a sign on your back.” Tasheka Mann 26 then attacked Artisha Simon 24, throwing her on the ground and sitting on her face while shouting “you wanna talk sh** then my taco gonna smutha your ass.” By the time authorities arrived on the scene Artisha was gasping for air and nearly on the edge of death. Sergeant Miller from the Broward County Police Department said “If we had been a few more minutes later Artisha’s family would be making funeral arrangements. The police were able to subdue both women and take both into custody where they were later released on their own recognizance.  Juan Martinez said he had a small spike in sales from the publicity surrounding the event and considered calling his tuna taco the “Tasheka Tuna Taco.”

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