Broad Ripple Bar Owners Experiencing Low Sales

By J. Daniel Samons ~ Ripple Effect Social Magazine

Bar owners in this Indianapolis hot spot have been experiencing low sales over the past year. Some owners have grouped together and called a self-generated meeting along with Broad Ripple Village Association to determine possible solutions to the record lows.

Broad Ripple has definitely seen its share of crime this past year with several shootings outside some popular night spots and of course the occasional fight. But could this be the sole purpose for low sales? Broad Ripple village caters to a college crowed looking for cheap drinks, loud music, and the occasional late night hook-up however; South Broad Ripple (SoBro), is catering more to the older crowd with higher-end restaurants and cuisine and more attractive ultra-lounge spots to socialize with other 30 and 40 somethings.

It seems that traffic is pulling more south of 62nd street where you can indulge in a conversation while partaking in libations. Although this seems to be the current trend, it doesn’t mean that Broad Ripple Ave is down for the count.

sobro Cafe

In fact it’s the main place that one can find a spot to dance in Broad Ripple and it does produce that certain summer energy that can make for a fun night. The group of bar owners that have decided to start meeting with the Broad Ripple Village Association are looking for ways to turn around the low traffic they all experienced last year. Some ideas might be more radio or print advertising for Broad Ripple Village as a whole, and others might be to bring in more unique night spots like Sabbatical, Lava, or Triton Tap to name a few. These meetings will be ongoing throughout the year to help determine a new and fresh direction for Broad Ripple while maintaining safety and promoting current establishments. Perhaps Broad Ripple Ave and most of the establishments along it, need a face lift to keep it new and exciting.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on what you think about Broad Ripple or what might make it better.

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18 thoughts on “Broad Ripple Bar Owners Experiencing Low Sales”

  1. The reason is definitely the shootings, assualts and other crimes that have occurred there in recent times. This should be their first course of action. I know of several friends who have been assaulted or robbed with a gun on their way home. Word of this travels fast and people will take their business elsewhere. Sad as Broadripple is a great place. Amazes me how police can do nothing to teenagers and individuals who are “hanging out” on the streets loitering, not doing anything and then committing crimes on people on their way home. Until this changes, Broadripple will continue to suffer.


  2. We stopped going there because the parking was insane (wonder how much money they made on that alone) and in trying to be responsible and take a cab our car would get towed from pretty much any spot. No thanks.


  3. I’ve never thought parking was that bad but Christine you do bring up another point. The predatory towing in the area by tow trucks was ridiculous. We would pay for parking, then take a cab home (doing the responsible thing- not driving under the influence) and then your car would be towed in the morning. No where did attendants tell us that we couldn’t overnight park. Kind of defeats the purpose of going to broadripple if you are afraid your car is going to get towed in the back of your head all the time – Especially when you paid to park! This obvious greed in the area was another deterrent to going to brip. Don’t have to worry about this at Saddle Up in Castleton.


  4. That doesn’t surprise me. With the recent upsurge in crime and rather crappy road conditions, that type of struggle is expected


  5. Crime is down in the Village overall. Newer areas such as Mass Ave, Fountain Square and some new carmel establishments give people reasons to stay closer to home.


  6. Well look like there is a common theme here that security is an issue. Maybe it has fallen since the summer but what is in place to keep it from happening this coming summer?


  7. When the bars post such low prices on drinks, consistently , and no cover, they’re drawing a crowd that is there it get intoxicated for little to nothing. No profit in that. The crime has been by thugs, under 21 crowd mostly. If you have to draw the crowd using the “free and” low prices. You deserve what you get


  8. They need to block off streets most weekend & say anyone under age after this hour will be sited. The cops need to stop hanging out in one place they need to be spread themselves out. The bars all need to band together rather then be competition create 1st Friday events & other ways to regularly promote a good time.


  9. We have been going to Ripple for years and the group that I am now with have been going longer then me. Over 10 years or more. Ripple has had issues and it’s not safe to walk alone anymore like it was 4 years ago. I know of a club beside Casba that has really made the area ruff and people are way more disrespectful. You can’t even dance on the dance floor without people standing around on the phone texting or whatever. If more owners would get that off the dance floor, more people would be having fun! Ripple owners are not as strict as they were before and I know a few. Some of the things I see now, never would be going on 4 years ago. We go still go to a few bars, but it’s very limited now.


  10. It’s not just Broad Ripple is all over Indianapolis.It started the day they passed the smoking ban.It is the main cause of the Bar business..Look around the bars are closing everywhere.


  11. As someone who lives in the village and has gone there for the past 20 years, I have definitely seen the evolution. The addition of Kilroys didn’t help the rest of the bars at all. Many nights, I will walk by and they are packed while the rest of the strip has just a handful of people. Bleeker Street does seem to have a police call every night they are open, but that doesn’t mean that five or six officers need to hang out in front of there. If they were to spread out it would enhance the feeling of police presence without loading more cops on the street. In my 20’s there was a handful of bars to go to and there were only 2 bars at 52nd and nobody went to the Mousetrap. Since then there has been 10 bars added in the village, Bulldog expanded and became Moe and Johnnys while other bars and eatereis joined them at 52nd, Mousetrap became the hippy hangout and $5 parking became the norm. The parking garage did nothing to help because nobody uses it. The jackasses at BRVA thought that would do it and soon we will see a Whole Foods strangle more life out of what was once a nightlife mecca.


  12. As a now former Broad Ripple village resident (7 years now a downtowner) I was pro Ripple it’s the closest I could have to Wiggleyville Chicago! If people came in town they knew we were going out there and they always had a great time until this past 1 1/2. I would say as a whole the strip needs a face lift. Clearly the rent it too high for new places to come in and yes you want to keep a feel of the past but you also need new fresh places for the 25 and up crowd. People that have jobs spend a lot more than college kids on mommy and daddy’s dime. You have a small group of people that own everything and try their best to relive the 80s and early 90s with the music. Look it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out people want to hear what’s in their iPod and Sate lite radio players. You won’t have a riot because Sally Sue wants to shake her booty! Why aren’t there rooftop bars? Why aren’t their more events on the strip to generate excitement (block parties, etc..)? Major cities have a look code and not dress codes it’s really ridiculous to have a door guys tell you an $100 plus shirt isn’t dress code because it has a V neck. People want to be able to express themselves and you can’t do that in today’s Ripple which if you think about it is pretty insane. Meanwhile Mass Ave has open their doors to all. In all more police presence, places that have 30 and older spots, better music heck playing radio now is better than 95% of the places and overnight parking spots. Make the lot attendants give out tickets and if the ticket isn’t visible then tow the car. I hope the strip comes back in near future, maybe it’ll justify moving back but sadly I see the hot trend is downtown!!


  13. There are a lot of great points on here. I know many of the owners and employees of many of the establishments in BRip. To begin, most of the current decline in sales have to do with the weather. Most of us can deal with the snow, but this cold has been unbearable. It’s not just BRip. Areas like downtown and Castleton (Saddle Up) have had a significant decline in sales. That’s just part of it. Yes, the crime factor is there. I still go out to all the bars in BRip. So do my friends. We don’t say “people get robbed there, let’s stay home”. We just watch each others backs. There is crime all over the city. Don’t let yourself be a victim by being vulnerable. Walking to your car very late at night, after drinking, while talking on your cell phone certainly makes you a target. Use the buddy system. If you drove alone, have someone walk you or drive you to your car. The best solution would be to park in the garage. That’s what it is there for! It is well lit, plenty of room, and inexpensive. Most of all, no worries about getting towed. College Ave can be dangerous to cross but so are most streets that surround bars. Again, watch your surroundings. Cross the street WITH the light, not against it. Yes, pedestrians have the right of way, but you will lose every time walking directly in the path of a moving car. Some bars were mentioned in this thread, good and bad. Bleeker has had it’s issues for sure. Kilroy’s coming to BRip was a POSITIVE. Maybe the other bars aren’t happy about it, but Kilroy’s has good food, plenty of TV’s, and a good staff. Why do you think BRT put in all those TV’s last year? We all want a fun and entertaining establishment to spend our money. No matter what, some will go to a few bars and never another. Pick your pleasure. I like Alley Cat for many reasons, but it’s a plain dump inside. I like spending my money there. Flatwater is one of my favorite places in the spring and summer. They too get my money! The Cuban Sandwich shop, Insomnia Cookies, 2 of my favs. One reason or another, we all pick and choose where we go. Everyone is entitled to their opinion for sure. I’m not perfect by any means but I have been going to bars a long time. This new generation with their feelings of “entitlement” is changing the way we all live our lives. NO respect for the police. Do you think the problems are started by the police? NOT. I can’t tell you how many kids I have seen run their mouth about how blah, blah, blah is a lawyer and the police can’t do this or that. Then their friend wants to take video and post edited versions or not the complete story followed by immature comments. If that “friend” had just pulled you away and told you to shut your mouth and walk away, you wouldn’t be wearing those handcuffs. Like I said, I’m not perfect. In my hundreds of times visiting BRip, not a single one of my friends has ever been arrested. Be civil. Be happy. If you see something, say something. Advice out…….


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