Single for the Holidays





Lonely Santa girl

Cuddling in front the fireplace. New Year’s Eve kisses. Mistletoe. Considering that this was a time of year that we counted down to as kids, it can be pretty tough when you are single. Whether it is your annoying uncle asking, “Are you dating anyone yet?” at the family get-together or yelling at the TV every time another jewelry commercial comes on, the holidays can make you feel more lonely than ever. Throw in the possible cold weather and snow and you might as well hunker down with a cup of eggnog, your blanket and the A Christmas Story marathon on TBS.

However, what if this year you sat back and looked at the holidays a little differently. What if you realized that this is a season not only of joy and good cheer but also with tons of events to meet people, and they are usually in a good mood! It is the time of year to spread love, not hide it under the blanket you are wrapped in on the couch. So lose the bah humbug and follow these tips for a fun and festive holiday dating season.

1. Get some holiday life support

Grab your cup of eggnog, blanket and use that down time for good! Write a list of other single friends and acquaintances that are home for the holidays and in the same boat as you. Choose people who are friendly, positive and open to meeting new people. Invite them over and get them on board for Operation Holi-date 2012. Agree to encourage and make each other accountable for getting off your couch and getting out there. Your support team can also be your holiday wing person as you talk to that co-worker that makes you nervous at your work holiday party. Talk to that barista that makes you laugh every time you order your caramel macchiato.

2. Say yes!

Now that you have your support team in place, embrace all of the great parties and other events during the holiday season. Say yes to all of them. Change your goal from meeting only “dateable” people to just making new friends. A big percentage of people meet their significant others through friends, so the more friends the better! You know that awkward cousin of yours? Who knows, maybe there’ll be someone fascinating at their holiday party. And if not, you can always use the excuse that you have another party. Being in demand has its own rewards.

Also, have each member of the team pick out one or two other community events that they have always wanted to check out and commit to it. It is hard to feel down when you are ridiculously busy!


3. Spread holiday cheer

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so take some of your holiday cheer and spread it by volunteering. Even if you don’t have much money, you can still donate your time. Check out the United Way Holiday Wish Book for great opportunities or check in with your local schools, hospitals, churches or youth centers. There are so many places that could use your help during the holidays, and what a great way to meet new people!

4. Give a special gift to your favorite person… yourself

Now that you don’t have to spend lots of time and money searching for that “perfect gift” for your significant other, use it get yourself a little something special. You may also want to think about grabbing a few friends and getting out of town for part of the season, starting new positive traditions of you own. I am a firm believer in the happier you are the easier it is to find amazing people to date. So go out there and give yourself a little holiday happy!

5. Reconnect with old friends

This is the perfect time of the year to catch up with people that you haven’t heard from in awhile. Nobody is going to think twice about receiving a holiday card, email or phone call from you. You also never know who else became single recently and might be interested in a reunion.

With your holiday support team and tons of party possibilities, the holidays may now become your favorite time of the year. If nothing else, you always have A Christmas Story.

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